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June 2007

Monday, June 4, 2007

How you Can Call to and From Virtually Anywhere for Free

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Author: Ramzes Berezecki

One way of calling for free is through achievement of mastery in mental telepathy and clairaudience :-)

But also, much more easily, you can accomplish that feat these days through the means of widely available technology. And while long distance physical travel is usually accompanied by monetary spending and sometimes a lot of it - these days your voice can be tele-transported to most destinations on Earth for free.

It is being done through the utilization of Internet. Once you are connected to the Internet network then there need to be no extra fees for transferring of information. So yes, there is often a charge for the hooking up to the Internet itself but aside of that the data travels for free. And once voice is digitized on computer it is also treated as any other computer data. And then, by tapping to a public wireless connection - even that charge can be circumvented.

From the technical point of view the procedure at hand here is called VoIP or Voice over the Internet Protocol. So practically speaking - what is needed is just the mentioned here Internet connection, then a computer with headset or microphone and speakers. And if you don't already have it - you just download and install a free piece of Internet phone software and off you go calling for free.

Going with the newest advancements in the field of Internet telephony - it is also possible for you to skip the computer part of the free phone call equation entirely. There are small, routers like gadgets, to which you can plug in your regular phone and go calling for free as well. And as I mentioned before there is also the option available through using the newest generation of Internet phones that allow you to call for free from within any so called hot spot, or public wi-fi wireless Internet zone. Some of such devices also work as both cell phone and wifi Internet phone all in once - smoothly switching from one to the other, depending on whether you happen to be within a hot spot zone or out of it.

These type of calls that we have described here are then between voice over IP devices. It is also possible and very easy to call from such units to regular phones and the other way back as well. As a rule there are some very low nominal per minute charges associated with that. Although there are several exceptions which include promotions that allow even some of these kind of calls to be carried without paying long distance charge or having to pay installation or monthly telephone fees with local phone company. .

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About the Author:

Ramzes Berezecki is recognized for his informative writings relating tofree VoIP andfree VoIP call. For more information regarding VoIP please visit his website at

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Bluetooth and Wifi Comparisons

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Author: Alain Attias

Bluetooth can be defined as a wireless form of communication that enables devices to send and receive communication. It is a global initiative set up by manufacturers such as IBM, Intel, Ericsson, Toshiba and Nokia to create a standard for linking up devices such as mobile phones, mobile PCs, handheld computers and other peripherals. Bluetooth relies on short-range radio technology to allow the wireless connectivity. The key features of Bluetooth are robustness, low power and low cost. Both data and voice transmissions can be handled simultaneously. Examples of innovative solutions which users can perform include printing or faxing capabilities, synchronising PDA, laptop or computer and making or receiving calls from a mobile phone, with many more applications available.

Wifi is short for 'wireless fidelity' and is a limited-range wireless networking code which is used in many airports, hotels or other services, who offer public access to Wifi networks, to allow people to log on to the Internet and receive emails whilst on the move. As Wifi is a reasonably fast method of transmitting information in wave form, it is often used in computers and also notebooks. In future, it will become possible to access the Internet from just about anywhere, without the use of any wires. The advantages of using Wifi are that the networks are fairly cheap and straight-forward to set up. Wifi is also quite inconspicuous and can hardly be noticed unless it is being looked for specifically, whilst in a Wifi 'hotspot.' For a wireless network to be created, communication is transferred like a two way radio, using radio waves.

Both Bluetooth and Wifi have both been in the news more especially in recent years. Both technologies are relatively new on the market and, with time, a trend may be seen favouring one or the other. As more and more Bluetooth devices become available, most people will own devices for Bluetooth and Wifi. There are several advantages for opting for Bluetooth networking over Wifi and vice-versa. WiFi and Bluetooth are actually very different technologies with very different reasons to exist. The question should not be Bluetooth versus Wifi but more how Bluetooth can work with Wifi.

Advantages of Bluetooth

Bluetooth can connect devices from point-to-point and probably better on security than Wifi, as it can cover shorter distances. In addition, Bluetooth offers an optional two levels of password protection. Up to seven devices can be connected at any one time which makes it easier to find and connect the device being searched for, as Bluetooth highlights itself to the other devices. Bluetooth technology is also more ideal for consumer electronics devices as it has a smaller power requirement. Microsoft have also recently announced that Bluetooth support will be built into a future version of windows XP. Another advantage is concerning voice communication. For an office or home environment, Bluetooth can be used in a cordless phone within a 10m range, without the need to be passed around. It is not likely that Wifi technologies will have a required voice-over-IP to support voice communication, within the near future. Bluetooth was also introduced much earlier in the market and is installed in much more user devices and products, in comparison to Wifi products.

Advantages of Wifi

The most prominent advantage which Wifi has over Bluetooth is that Wifi operates at a much faster rate - of about 11mbps, whereas Bluetooth only operates at a much slower rate of around 720kbps. This makes Bluetooth too slow for video transfers or for moving large amounts of large photo images from a digital camera. Wifi is also designed to link up entire networks, rather than computer to computer. Wifi can achieve this too but it is not its real purpose. Originally intended to be used for mobile computing devices, such as laptops, it is now often being used for increasingly more applications, such as Internet access, gaming and basic connectivity for home electronic appliances such as televisions or DVD players. Wi-Fi may be used by cars in highways, as standards rise in development, in support of an Intelligent Transportation System to increase safety, gather statistics, and enable mobile commerce.

Having taking in the advantages of both forms of communication, it can not be said that one is better than the other. The two wireless protocols can be used to perform separate things and it is not essential to opt for one, rather than the other. Bluetooth should be the first choice for when connecting single devices, only when speed is not an issue. It has a short range of approximately 30 to 60 feet and common applications can include sharing printers, syncing PDAs or using a mobile phone as a modem. As time goes by it will be very interesting to see how both Bluetooth and Wifi develop and what new uses they will have and for what devices.

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About the Author:

Think4 supplies consumers and businesses with a vast spectrum of IT and technology products encompassing systems, components, peripherals and consumables, such as Bluetooth / WiFi networks, PCs /servers, handheld PDAs, laptops, computer memory, MP3 players, sat nav systems, LCD and plasma TVs. We focus on supplying the latest products available at competitive prices with prompt delivery. Find all IT, electronics products and accessories at - the home of informed technology shopping.

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Increase Internet Dial Up Speed

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Author: Steve Hooper

Due to dial up being one of the older technologies that are used in both the work place and at home still it has become somewhat dated, but at the same time it is still possible to get the speeds of dial up fairly high. So here is one of the ways you can increase internet dial up speed.

One of the ways is to introduce software on your computer that decreases the amount of traffic that you send and receive to and from your computer without reducing the physical quality of the data. The data is sent in packets and these packets contain different sections each section contains a particular part of the information you are sending. For example you may only need to send or receive 3 parts of the 8 contained in a packet.

So what this software does is strip the five parts that you do not require meaning that you have 3/8ths of the traffic to send and receive all of a sudden your computer seems as though it is connected to the internet at twice the speed. Are you with me? So with certain data, such as text, you can see an improvement in your speed by up to 10 times faster. It is however not physically faster just working optimised to the ultimate it can be.

One of these packages and the best I have found is a product called OnSpeed which can improve not only dial up connections but also ADSL below 2MB and mobile internet connections so if you are looking for something to improve the bosses travelling connection this is a fantastic solution to increase internet dial up speed.

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About the Author:

Steve has worked in the IT industry for over 18 years working on the basis the people should work smarter not harder, he has earned over 40 qualifications from some of the largest establishments in the world.

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Mp3 Players Versus Mp4 Players

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Author: steve alfred

Do you currently have an mp3 player or an mp4 player? In your personal opinion,Which do you think is better and more beneficial.This has been an ongoing debate for some time.No just kidding, It's quite obvious that mp4 players are superior.Well, that's my view anyway, although I am very sure that alot of people will also agree with me.Mp3 players were obviously first to enter the market back in 1997 and have been a major success since then.Because of their small size they are very convenient not only for people to fit them in the smallest of compartments or pockets but also utilise them when they do exercise at the gym,ride a bike,travel to work or simpy just for recreational usage.But lets face it, the mp3 player basically only plays audio songs and besides that unfortunately does not have much more to offer to people.This is where mp4 players have take over and have the extreme upper hand.Along with Mp4 players came the introduction of video playback and recording functions which were previously not available with the origional mp3 players.But this is only the beginning.Lets look at the Mp4 player features and factors to consider:

1.The size of the MP4 player factor.There different sizes of mp4 players. Some have larger

screens than others, the inclusion of video playback capability, hard drive and others.The

LCD screens commonly come in sizes of 1.8”,2”,2.5” and 3”.Once again the bigger the LCD

screen on the MP4 player,the better.the price,however might tend to shoot up a bit.

2.The next factor we will talk about is AV/IN and AV/OUT capabilities with Line in recording. This feature is common but it is important to make sure the MP4 player you wish to purchase supports at

least one or both of these ports. It should also support both NTSC and PAL.This feature will obviously allow you to playback video images or movies from the MP4 Player to your TV screen

and alternatively allow you to record TV programs or movies onto your MP4 player.

3.Mp4 players may have other features such as an FM tuner ,audio recording capability, small notebook functions etc.

4.USB connection speed to the PC, which affects the rate at which you can upload movies,images and audio mp3’s from your PC to the MP4 portable device.The latest mp4 player models today commonly support high speed USB 2.0 transfer. Others also support Firewire.

Apart from all the above factors you can also watch any movies and other videos on you small

LCD screen , it also offers other useful and handy features such as the ability to do voice recording,notebook functions for storing data,alarm clocks,calendars to mark important dates,simple games like the ones on cell phones and the use of memory card ports for those who need to utilise more memory.The bestfunction is the ability to encode and playback your favourite movies or music videos on the mp4 player itself.Some mp4 player also give you the ability to playback the video from your mp4 player to you Television screen.Now clearly the mp4 player is slightly bigger than the mp3 player due to the fact that it has an LCD screen.But once again that should not affect your decision.

So you be the decider of which one is more useful and easy to use.Mp4 players are clearly a thing of the future but I'm sure there are alot of folks who would rather be happier with an mp3 player

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About the Author:

Steve Alfred owner of BestDealsMarket Wholesale Electronics

BestDealsMarket Wholesale Electronics

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Will Google Punish Websites Selling Text Links?

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Author: Henry C. Silva

It is one of the most common acknowledgements in search engine optimisation that the quality, theme, anchor text used, and volume of links that point to your website helps improve your search engine rankings, through increased link popularity.

However within the past few weeks Matt Cutts seems to have turned the SEO world on its head by strongly suggesting that Google intend to set-up a 'Snitch on a link selling website' service that allows people to hand over details of websites they know are selling links from their site.

I'd just like to offer my opinion on this as I think it's a diabolical, un-workable idea that oozes hidden agendas:

1) If a site is reported, how can you prove it? - So you've reported a site you are convinced are selling links to Google, what next? To be able to track and prove a website is selling links they either have to be very stupid (advertising 'buy a link on our site!') or Google have to have a paper trail back to the money, after all, how else would they be able to prove the allegation was correct?

2) Lets all report our competitors! - So is it innocent till proven guilty or guilty till proven innocent with this proposed scheme? I believe there will be a great deal of complaints made directly by competitors in order to get other website owners into strife. Maybe they've got higher ranking placements? Maybe they stole your best customer? Maybe you just want to get some companies out the way to generate more business yourself? I don't understand how Google can accurately identify the agenda and motive behind the person reporting the site selling links, so similar to point 1, how do you decide who is telling the truth?

3) How do you tell a paid link from a non-paid link? - As far as I'm aware Google haven't yet become powerful enough to indict individuals and businesses and legally demand bank records so unless you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar (e.g. you send out advertising costs for text links to a Google private investigator) then I fail to see how you can tell what link has been paid for and what was just someone linking out to a site they genuinely respect?

4) Google Adsense - Google Adsense is a bunch of text link adverts people splash all over their websites to make a couple of cents or pence from Google's advertising network. People pay for the privilege of having their website listing appear on the Adsense network, effectively a form of text link advertising, so there will be inevitable cries of "Hypocrisy" if this proposal goes ahead

5) There are genuine reasons for buying a link - This isn't always SEO related, sometimes people buy links on websites because they are popular sites with a relevant target audience to the person buying the link and hence they will get direct traffic from this form of advertising while not necessarily even considering the benefits in terms of improve link popularity. After all, a banner with a direct hyperlink is still a link isn't it? Are these to be punished to? Or ignored because there is no keyword-rich anchor text at play?

6) Google created this in the first place - The guys at Google have to accept that an entire new generation of SEO tactics and techniques only occur because online marketers are obliged to get high ranking placements within the Google engine because it's the most popular by a country mile. If link popularity was never a factor then buying links would never have become a necessity so in that respect Google created this situation, so again, there may well be calls of hypocrisy, as Google appear more than happy with the forms of revenue generated through SEO such as pay per click advertising campaigns

Other factors you have to consider are:

- What will the punishment be? How will this be implemented? Will sites get black listed? If so, when you stop selling links are you back in? Will that site owner then go underground and start up selling links on another site now understanding what they can get away with and how they can get around it?

- Will sites buying links be penalised? So will the penalty chain be passed down? If so, will people start buying links and pointing them at their competitors’ websites to get them penalised? Any time a site is penalised for something 'off-page' it is a very dangerous precedent because it may not be something you actually did but something someone else did to you get penalised

I firmly believe this is scaremongering by the Google team, they are trying to think of ways to eliminate a form of online marketing that exists 99% because of their engine's popularity but they aren't seeing a dollar from in terms of income.

If they do follow down this route I believe it is a continuation of their attempts to render the natural search listings obsolete and push the prominence of pay per click even more than they currently do.

I'm hoping they see sense, I've never heard of anyone complaining about anyone else selling links other than through annoyance because their site isn't as valuable as their competitors so they're not making as much money if they sell links. I'm hoping that Matt Cutts is being used as a canvassing tool by Google and that the backlash of the SEO world has been sufficient for them to drop the idea, focus on being the best search tool, and let the marketers market.

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Commercetuned have been offering market leading, affordable search engine optimisation and pay per click marketing services since 2004.

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